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Re: Extend gdb to filter registers

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Extend gdb to filter registers
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2020 18:14:29 +0100

> There seem to be three concept in play here:
>    - dedicated windows
>    - really dedicated windows
>    - unsplittable frames
> gdb-mi creates dedicated windows which
> under some circumstances (see my most
> recent reply to Eli) still get split.
> Your quote from Stefan seems to be about
> really dedicated windows.
> My comment that you quoted was about
> the possibility of display-buffer splitting a
> window on an unsplittable frame.  I admit
> to having no actual experience with such
> a configuration.  I was merely referencing
> my understanding per info's Window Frame
> Parameters > Buffer Parameters node:
> ‘unsplittable’
>       If non-‘nil’, this frame’s window is never
>       split automatically.

We might be miscommunicating here.  To summarize the current state of

- Whether a window can be split does not depend on whether it is
  dedicated in some way or not.  Dedicatedness affects exclusively
  whether you can display another buffer in that window.

- As far as 'display-buffer' is concerned you can rule out splitting by
  (1) setting 'split-height-threshold' and 'split-width-threshold'
  accordingly (as with the trick you mentioned earlier), (2) making
  windows fixed-size, or (3) making the window's frame unsplittable.

A better alternative is to specify buffer display actions that do not
split windows or provide a suitable 'split-window-preferred-function'.


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