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[PATCH] Fix fit-frame-to-buffer for multi-monitor setup.

From: Сергей Трофимов
Subject: [PATCH] Fix fit-frame-to-buffer for multi-monitor setup.
Date: Sat, 29 Feb 2020 14:10:56 +0100

I've noticed `fit-frame-to-buffer` results in incorrect frame position
when the frame is not a child frame. I've looked into the code and
seems that there are two issues: first is that frame monitor is
ignored, always first monitor in `display-monitor-attributes-list` is
used. Second is that `workarea` and `geometry` are in the form of `(X
Y WIDTH HEIGHT)` but code treats them as `(X1 Y1 X2 Y2)`. I'm
providing a patch that fixes both issues.

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