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Re: [ELPA] New package: transient

From: Philippe Vaucher
Subject: Re: [ELPA] New package: transient
Date: Fri, 1 May 2020 10:23:18 +0200

> Yes, you're right sorry I was steaming. The fact that Alan Mackenzie
> never apologized for his ugly behavior left me with a taste of revenge,
> I'd fix that.

First of all, let's note that your English is so good that you're either
a native speaker of it (as I am), or might as well be.

Thanks for the compliment. My monther tongue is french, my mother is german so I was more enclined toward german when younger.

I learnt english at school and did a 3 months solo-trip in australia where I had this epiphany where english "clicked" and started to think in english, so yes because of that I'm able to switch my brain to english mode pretty easily and because I code and read in english every day this is more or less kept up to date all the time.

That said,  I'm sure you'll find frenchism in many of my sentences ;-)

Also when I think in english I tend to cut much more corners than in french, given it's a more technical straight-to-the-point language. Maybe it's harder to be nuanced in english than in french?
You know full well the difference between saying "we CAN make aliases to
the old names" and "we COULD make aliases to the old names".  You wrote
the first, thus suggesting you were about to stomp ahead and do it.

I both french and english I don't find this distinction very important. I understand it's important for you so yes, I should have said "could". But for me, "can" it itself implies a possibility. Also note that this was a followup to another message where we explored what could be done, it was not my main argument nor a proposal.

You also understand full well the difference between "never apologized"
and "hasn't apologized".  So you reject any apology from me in advance,
because you didn't get it within your own rather tight time scale.  I'll
apologise anyway.

I'm surprised with this one... In french we'd say "Jusqu'à présent, il ne s'est jamais excusé.". Hum yes, ok the "jamais" is maybe a but superfluous, "Il ne s'est pas excusé" is better.

When I wrote that I had in mind that you sent several messages further holding your position instead of simply admiting that you overreacted, and that a little sign in that direction would do wonders.

Now that you have done it we are fine, thanks for that.

My post, the objectionable one, opened up a debate which had to take
place, and might well not have done so without it.  You weren't the only
person who was "steaming".  What I saw was a relative newcomer to the
group (sorry, I still don't know your past and present) proposing to turn
Emacs Lisp upside down for some uncertain benefit on an uncertain
timescale, and not about to wait on any objections.

I understand I might have appeared as proposing to turn Emacs Lisp upside down, sorry for not being clear enough.

My thanking you this morning for your response was quite sincere.  You
could quite easily have just ignored my post.

Nevertheless, I apologise for that post (not for my "behavior"), both to
you and to the group, in that it was too personal and too aggressive, and
imputed motives to yourself which were unjustified.

Thanks! Glad we leveled it out.


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