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Re: Add some aliases for re-related functions

From: Philippe Vaucher
Subject: Re: Add some aliases for re-related functions
Date: Mon, 4 May 2020 20:17:02 +0200

> I may have disagreed with this or that.
> Just one opinion.  Agreement and disagreement,
> with accompanying arguments, are normal.

I probably over reacted a bit, sorry.

> > If I had to name it it'd be:
> >
> > keep-lines -> buffer-keep-lines
> > flush-lines -> buffer-flush-lines
> OK.  So for you the most relevant thing involved
> is the buffer.  Can you imagine that some might
> think something else is more relevant/helpful?

But at this point you'd now that I'd be fine with things not being
perfectly categorized.

What I'm complaining about is the lack of categories for a lot of
functions, or categories that don't look consistent. For example, if
everything string-regexp was under the "text-" prefix, I'd already be
pretty happy compared to the current situation. Right now it's a bit
here, a bit there, all spread around.

Also as I said earlier if at least there was a standard, like
"verb-object" I could understand, but the lack of consistency between
"sometimes prefix, sometimes not, sometimes idiosyncracy" makes
everything very unpredictable. Maybe I'd just embrace the chaos and
the uncertainty but, I think having a reasonable amount of arbitrary
prefixes would not be such a crime :-)

Do you see my point?

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