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Re: Proper namespaces in Elisp

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: Proper namespaces in Elisp
Date: Tue, 5 May 2020 13:50:11 +0100

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 11:34 AM Andrea Corallo <address@hidden> wrote

> Here is a first simple implication of namespace at read-time:
> #+SRC_BEGIN lisp
> (make-package :xxx)
> (in-package :xxx)
> (defun foo () 'aaa)
> (export 'foo)
> (make-package :yyy)
> (in-package :yyy)
> (use-package :xxx)
> (if (not (eq (foo) 'aaa))
>     (print "boom"))
> This is because foo is not returnig 'aaa' but 'xxx::aaa'.

Andrea, this makes no sense.  How is that different
from Elisp where foo returns 'xxx--aaa and yyy.el checks
for 'yyy-aaa? Because _that's_ what that program means,
except, because it is written in a properly namespaced
Lisp, it does it with fewer chars, is DRY, not WET.

Or don't you think packages should be allowed internal
symbols at all. Maybe you don't, but that's a question of
making a package system with the -- IMO quite ill-advised --
option to auto-exporting everything. It's _not_ an implication
of the reader-based approach in any way.

Or did you mean you want an auto-exported,
self-evaluating,  quick-to-type, one-big-namespace
qualifier? The keyword package is there for that, as
you probably know, and that's what everybody uses.
  _When_  they want those semantics.  So, for me,
being able to determine the semantics of my program
(also called "programming") with little typing is a very
good thing, a very good "implication",  it's exactly the
power I crave.


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