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Re: What is the most useful potential feature which Emacs lacks?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: What is the most useful potential feature which Emacs lacks?
Date: Sun, 17 May 2020 23:45:28 -0400

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  > Sorry, I can't tell what the norm is.  Personally, I'm using a webhoster
  > for my Nextcloud instance.  And I've got a colleague which is running it
  > on his Raspberry Pi from home.  Of course: Both is possible.

Since we can't determine whether any given user will want the
auto-encrypt-decrypt, we should let users specify yes or no.
Eventually we might develop ideas for defaults more sophisticated
than just "yes" and "no".

The goal here is to be able to save and retrieve files on any server,
such that the server operator can't determine their contents or their
names.  Tramp would generate the remote file name to use, encrypt the
file contents, then write that into the generated remote file name on
the remote machine.

Tramp would have to maintain a local table mapping specified (local) names to
generated (remote) names.

The data that gets encrypted could contain first the specified file
name, then a delimiter, then the contents of the file.  That way, if
you lose the local table or it is lacking some files, but you have the
encryption key, you can decrypt each saved remote file and find out
what its original specified file name was.

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