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Re: next-error use cases

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: next-error use cases
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 04:10:51 +0300
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Hi Juri,

On 13.04.2018 22:48, Juri Linkov wrote:
in*xref*  xref-goto-xref: RET
in*Diff*  diff-goto-source: RET, C-c C-c, o
in ChangeLogs change-log-goto-source: C-c C-c
in*Occur*  occur-mode-goto-occurrence: RET, C-c C-c,
            occur-mode-goto-occurrence-other-window: o
            occur-mode-display-occurrence: C-o

Only 2 years passed, and I finally read the new code.

I have to say it's a solid improvement over the previous related change.

And one peculiarity: if I'm not mistaken, the value of next-error-buffer itself is never used in the current code, there's only the check (local-variable-p 'next-error-buffer) that references it, effectively turning it into a buffer-local boolean.

But it could probably still be used in custom values of next-error-find-buffer-function.

Too bad it didn't solve the flymake+next-error-function problem, but that seems more difficult.

Some rough idea: pick some similar keybinding in flymake-supported buffers ('C-c C-c'? wouldn't it be too presumptuous to take over?)... and make it, I don't know, echo the error text? Or (!) show the diagnostics buffer, for which there's no default key binding still. And in the end, call next-error-found.

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