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Re: Emacs 27.1 released

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: Emacs 27.1 released
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 18:33:00 +0200

>>>>> On Wed, 12 Aug 2020 18:20:35 +0200, Mattias Engdegård <mattiase@acm.org> 
>>>>> said:

    Mattias> 12 aug. 2020 kl. 16.21 skrev Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org>:
    >> Yes, but please only install bugfixes which are either safe enough for
    >> the release branch, or very urgent, or fix regressions introduced by
    >> Emacs 26 or 27.1.  Other changes should go to master.

    Mattias> The bug fixes below (selected from ones on master made by me) 
should fit the criterion of being safe enough.
    Mattias> Any of them that you would rather not see back-ported to emacs-27?

    Mattias> c48bb7deb8 Preserve match data in 'kbd'
    Mattias> 687a9d3e2f Calc: fix interval entry snag (bug#42438)
    Mattias> 8ef84632c2 Accept lexical lambda in auto-insert-alist
    Mattias> 6242605731 Fix spurious error in beginning-of-defun in pascal-mode 
    Mattias> 73daab9991 Preserve point in pascal-mode completion (bug#41740)
    Mattias> 2bdb2cd10d Document that {en,de}code-coding-string preserve match 
    Mattias> c5cf630ecd Don't clobber match data in utf-8-hfs conversion 
    Mattias> b1fe27d77d Fix calculator entry of numbers with negative exponents 
    Mattias> 60cd6cce55 Calc: GCD(0,x)=GCD(x,0)=|x|, not x (bug#41279)
    Mattias> 4af8b17149 Fix customisation of mouse-drag-and-drop-region 
    Mattias> 1d559581b3 Calc: fix LU decomposition for non-numeric matrices 
    Mattias> 63268253d2 Regexps cannot infloop; fix manual
    Mattias> 20c1e7f8af Fix calculator division truncation (bug#40892)
    Mattias> 7839390f27 Quote semanticdb-ebrowse-default-file-name in regexp
    Mattias> 95dd8de1df chinese-hz is not ASCII compatible (bug#40407)
    Mattias> 8d95e75eb6 utf-7 and utf-7-imap are not ASCII-compatible 
    Mattias> 7195ea7532 Avoid regexp stack overflow in GDB string matching 

If theyʼre safe enough now, why didnʼt they go into emacs-27

Certainly all the ones that just change documentation should be ok.

My list would be

* 23b04ef0e7 Use length field when dns-query is using TCP
* 00f7744c1b Check for IPv6 servers in dns.el

But I donʼt think either of those fit the criterion of urgent (and
theyʼre not regressions).


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