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Re: Changes for emacs 28

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Changes for emacs 28
Date: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 10:51:14 -0400
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> So either (1) we go for the lowest common denominator of features that
> most people agree to (which can easily be an empty set);

That's what we've been doing so far.  I think we should keep doing it,
of course, because it's pretty much the only choice for the "default

Beside this, we could create a kind of hierarchical configuration
system, where the hierarchy is not (like is the case in Custom) based
only on functionality, but rather on "popularity/importance/frequency".

We already have a bit of that with the few options which are placed
directly in the `Options` menu.  We could offer a menu entry "Settings"
which shows the "most commonly" requested settings (in a buffer rather
than in a submenu).  Not sure if we'd need "advanced settings" as an
intermediate point before getting to the "exhaustive" list of settings
available currently via Customize.

> or (2) we come up with groups of optional features which are turned on
> and off together.

These sound like Custom themes.  Currently we only use them for
aesthetics (faces, basically), but we should probably try to develop
them further to cover similar needs to the ones satisfied by

> It isn't easy, but unless someone picks up the gauntlet, we will never
> move in that direction.

Agreed.  Maybe we should start small and try to create a few simple
custom-themes like `emacs24`, `emacs19`, `dark-background`, `Vim`, ...

And ideally someone should try and see what breaks down when we try and
create a theme that mimicks Prelude or Starter Kit, and then work
towards lifting those restrictions.


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