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Re: A new user perspective about "Changes for emacs 28"

From: Thibaut Verron
Subject: Re: A new user perspective about "Changes for emacs 28"
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 18:18:44 +0200

If the only point is to be able to do undo and redo easily, I believe that the
problem is already solved by undo-only and undo-only-redo. Would giving
undo-only-redo (if not done already) a default binding break anybody's workflow?

Le mar. 8 sept. 2020 à 17:54, Alfred M. Szmidt <ams@gnu.org> a écrit :
It seems that suggesting totally radical changes without any kind of
though is all the rage.  There are enough subtelities in how undo
works in emacs that, yes, the vast majority would find it annoying and
unusable if it was changed to something like undo-tree.

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