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Re: Changes for emacs 28

From: T.V Raman
Subject: Re: Changes for emacs 28
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 09:22:52 -0700
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Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

and with taller screens, may be old typewriter  motivated displays with
column numbers running along the top:-)> Thanks, TEC, I found it quite useful.  
Further comments and questions below.
>> * Org-mode, my ramp into Emacs pt.1 - vanilla
>> - I'd heard about Org-mode as a thing markdown + execution
>> - Maybe this could be better than Jupyter?
>> - However... I didn't like Spacemacs
>> - Removed Spacemacs
>> - Typed 'emacs' into a terminal
> So far so good.
>> - Oh, this looks old.
> Fair enough.  I don't think we (Emacs community) are in a position to
> make it look "modern" and sexy.  I know I'm not because my notion of
> "modern and sexy" is quite outmoded ;-)
> But "looks old" is usually not a deal breaker, just a negative
> first impression.
>> - Successfully opened a file
>>   + Where are the line numbers?
> Interesting.  It would never occur to me to expect line numbers in
> a text editor.  When and why did line numbers become fashionable?
> [ My guess is something like "ever since shortscreens became the only
>   option, creating a void in the horizontal space that needed
>   filling" ;-) ]
> I don't oppose enabling line numbers by default, but I do find line
> numbers to be an awful waste of valuable screen real estate.
>>   + Why aren't I given much information on the file
> Could you be more specific in terms of the particular information that
> you felt Emacs failed to give (and maybe how you expected it to be given)?
>>   + Where's the completion, the linting, etc.
> Do I understand you right that you expected company+eglot+flymake to be
> enabled (and configured) by default?
> I personally find this to be the most glaring concrete problem in
> Emacs nowadays.
>> - Tried to execute a command interactively (forget which command)
>>   + Typed M-x
>>   + Wait, this is just a text box
>>   + I don't know commands off by heart!
>>   + I want to be able to type key terms and see options!
> How much of this would be satisfied by icomplete-mode together with the
> `substring` completion-style (which would be a smaller change to
> the UI than something like helm-M-x or counsel-M-x).
>> - Having an initialisation?6?8 file, well commented such that *without 
>> knowing
>>   anything about Emacs* I could have Emacs be set up such that I could
>>   actually try it with familiar tasks and not be underwhelmed, or have
>>   to deal with sudden troubleshooting
> Maybe we could have a "default init file" (consisting of nothing but
> commented out code snippets, accompanied by actual comments explaining
> them)?
>>   ?6?8The important bit about this file is that it let me declare which
>>   bundles of functionality I want easily, and without having to parse
>>   much unfamiliar lisp (both Spacemacs and Vanilla fail in this regard,
>>   but in different ways).
> Hmm... a "default init file" would still use "unfamiliar Lisp", I'm afraid.
>> - Having good 'discoverability enhancements' used by default
>>   - counsel for M-x
> IIUC this is similar to enabling icomplete-vertical and
> icomplete-show-matches-on-no-input, and maybe using a regexp
> completion style?
>> - Used Discord for it's community, a recent chat-app which I recognised
>>   (I'm still warming up to mailing lists).
> Definitely a non-starter since it's proprietary.
> There are obviously acceptable alternatives.
> I think an important aspect is to find a communication medium that can
> be used from Emacs.  IRC and Email do satisfy this criteria.
> Whenever I have to write text outside Emacs I feel hampered.
>         Stefan

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