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Re: A modern-mode?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: A modern-mode?
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 11:08:53 -0400
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Hi Andrea,

Any chance you could turn it into a custom-theme?

AFAIK most of your minor-mode could be turned into a theme fairly
easily, so what I'm asking is for you try and do the extra work to cover
the remaining non-trivial part (e.g. the key-bindings).

Part of the difference between a minor mode and a custom theme is that
a custom theme is more declarative, with consequences such as the fact
that a user can enable your hypothetical "modern theme" but with
`fido-mode` disabled, and it won't have the effect of "enabling and then
disabling" `fido-mode` (e.g. running `fido-mode-hook` twice along the

I'm mostly interested in pushing the limits of what can be done with
custom themes, so try to keep an eye on what generic/infrastructure
changes would make a "modern theme" easier to write cleanly.

> I had a look but for now I gave-up on the idea of picking up a dark mode
> to enable as is not so easy.

I thought setting the foreground and the background of the `default`
face  is all it takes (it should change the frame-background-mode and
thus cause all other faces to choose their dark-background alternative).
What problem did you encounter?


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