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Re: toggle-light-dark-mode

From: Caio Henrique
Subject: Re: toggle-light-dark-mode
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 14:51:05 -0300
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ams@gnu.org (Alfred M. Szmidt) writes:

> [Tip, it is a good idea to change the subject!]
>    I like using a light theme during the day and a dark theme during the
>    night when I'm in a dark room. I use a function to toggle between those
>    two different themes. Here is some code based on my personal
>    configuration:
>    _____
>   [ ... ]
>    _____
>    Maybe we could use something like this and then add buttons to the menu
>    and the tool bar? The tool bar could use an icon like the image
>    attached (the image is just illustrative, it probably has copyright).
> This looks like a good idea.
> I think something in the tool-bar is a bit much, I don't think it is
> the most used option that should that have such a high visibility --
> rather I think users would like to toggle it once, so the menu-bar
> would be a better place where the user would also be prompt to save
> their settings if they quit emacs.
> Would you like to purpose a patch for this?

Ok, I tried to improve that code, a patch is attached.

Attachment: toggle-light-dark-theme.patch
Description: Add toggle light dark theme

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