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Copyright assignment and questions about package submission

From: Daniel Semyonov
Subject: Copyright assignment and questions about package submission
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 15:05:18 +0200


I'd like to submit a package I've been working on for the past few weeks
to GNU ELPA (its repository can be found at sr.ht/~dsemy/swsw).

First of all, I haven't assigned copyright to the FSF; the manual
indicates I should ask here for the forms.

In addition, I have a few questions regarding package submission:
1. My package contains an info node -- I currently have a Makefile which
generates the .info and dir files. When submitting the package, should I
include the .texi file used to generate the info node and a Makefile, or
the .info and dir files themselves?
2. In the README of the GNU ELPA git repository, it is indicated that
for a multi-file package I should include a patch with my submission
email. I'll admit I'm a "casual" git user, so I'm not sure how exactly I
should generate this patch. Which branch of the repository should I base
my patch on?

Thanks in advance, Daniel

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