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CEDET maintainer

From: Fermin
Subject: CEDET maintainer
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 22:06:26 +0100
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Hello Emacs developers,

My name is Fermin, I'm the maintainer of several Emacs external packages (some of them are maxima.el ,realgud-xdebug and lsp-sonarlint) aside from this,
I've been messing around with CEDET these past year or so, and I really like it overall, I can understand his faults and how/why the Emacs community
is not taking CEDET into account too much these days, but I also think that this can change.

I'm proposing myself as a CEDET maintainer, I want to contribute to it in a more direct way, I have some degree of familiarity with the source code now
and I think I can help in the future development of it, recently there were a talk about a xref background integration and I think this can be a great initial
addition. I'm also working on in a more in depth analysis of CEDET so other people can jump and point out new improvements.

I talked with the original creator/maintainer (Eric) privately and he kindly gave me the source code of the current  CEDET webpage, so the first thing
I did was to update it, keeping the old aesthetic but making it HTML5 compatible, it is still a work in progress and the information need to be
also updated, but I think a nice informative webpage can help for new people to know and use CEDET.
This is the repository of the webpage https://gitlab.com/sasanidas/cedet-webpage and this is the current URL https://sasanidas.gitlab.io/cedet-webpage/ ,
I'm using plain HTML5 with a simple script to translate "templates".

If the Emacs maintainers, decide that I'm worthy of it, my initial idea is to develop CEDET in a separate branch for now, even tho I think the send patch workflow is valid,
for a package like CEDET that needs a lot of changes, this can really slow down the process.

Thank you.



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