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Re: [External] : Improvement proposals for `completing-read'

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [External] : Improvement proposals for `completing-read'
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 14:19:27 +0300
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* Drew Adams <drew.adams@oracle.com> [2021-04-08 20:21]:
> > One such case is when you browse the history itself
> > using `completing-read`, but this is certainly a very
> > narrow case.
> Why is it even a use case?  Why disable history when
> `completing-read' against the history?  Maybe you
> have a good reason - what is it?

This way, I am browsing ANY history from minibuffer:
(completing-read "Choose: " '("Jane" "Joe") nil nil nil nil)

This way, though the documentation does not say something about
it, but I do not see any history and I do not need to have
history variable, but function thinks there is history:
(completing-read "Choose: " '("Jane" "Joe") nil nil nil t)

So it is effectively "disabled".

Maybe it was meant here to disable the general minibuffer
history, but that is obviously easy to do. Other way to disable
would be to encompass `completing-read' with one `let':

(let ((history))
  (completing-read "Choose: " '("Jane" "Joe") nil nil nil 'history))

Or simply to disable history variable in the program when necessary.


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