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Re: [External] : Improvement proposals for `completing-read'

From: Daniel Mendler
Subject: Re: [External] : Improvement proposals for `completing-read'
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 19:41:27 +0200

On 4/9/21 7:22 PM, Drew Adams wrote:
None of what you wrote has to do with what Daniel
posited: use of `completing-read' with a history
list providing the completion candidates.  (That's
at least what I understood him to mean.)  E.g.,

(completing-read "Choose from file-name input history: "

(completing-read "Choose from regexp input history: "

(completing-read "Choose from input history: "

I think Daniel was suggesting that it makes sense
in all such cases to use `t' for the HIST arg.  E.g.:

(completing-read "Choose from input history: "
                  minibuffer-history nil nil nil t)

I'm guessing his point would be that without `t'
traversing the history (e.g. with `M-p' or `M-r')
would be a redundant way to get to a completion
candidate, which it would be.

Yes, you understood me correctly. Note also that if you specify a variable, the value of the history variable is modified. When browsing a history the desire to avoid modifying the history itself is not unreasonable. This means that in any case you would want to use a different history variable than the one you are accessing, the history of your history browsing.

And if the REQUIRE arg is nil then it can even be
useful to use a _different_ history for the HISTORY
arg from that used for the COLLECTION arg.

Sure you can do that. You can have a history of your history browsing and then a history of your history of your history browsing.

All I am proposing is the removal of the unnecessary restriction of disallowing `t` for the HIST argument of `completing-read`. If you look at `completing-read-default`, it calls `read-from-minibuffer` directly, which accepts this. If you use a different completion system, the situation may be different.

Daniel Mendler

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