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Re: Using more and/or better icons in Emacs

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: Using more and/or better icons in Emacs
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 00:44:44 +0200

Alan Third <alan@idiocy.org> writes:

> Thanks. I've attached a version with documentation. I think it's good
> enough but would appreciate someone else double checking it makes sense.

LGTM with some minor nits below.

> +  Image descriptors which define image dimensions, i.e. @code{:width},

The "i.e." could perhaps more clearly be written as "such as".

> +@code{:height}, @code{:max-width} and @code{:max-height}, may take
> +either a number, which represents the dimension in pixels, or a pair
> +@code{(@var{value} . 'em)}, where @var{value} is the dimension's
> +length in ``ems''.  One ``em'' is equivalent to the height of the
> +font.

Is it worth clarifying that `value' can be a float?

> ++++
> +*** Image properties support 'em' sizes.
> +Size image properties, for example ':height', ':max-height', etc., can
> +be given a cons of the form '(SIZE . em)', where SIZE is a number
> +which is multiplied by the font size to calculate the image size, and
> +'em' is a symbol.

Same question here.

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