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Re: Increase default `line-spacing' to 0.05, 0.10 or 0.15 [proposal]

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: Increase default `line-spacing' to 0.05, 0.10 or 0.15 [proposal]
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 15:22:03 -0500

Augusto Stoffel <arstoffel@gmail.com> writes:

> I wrote mostly to point out that changing the line spacing breaks any
> fancy box-drawing.  I'm not claiming this is more important than the
> other considerations you made, by the way.

My thinking here is that:

- Any modes relying heavily on this should set a `line-spacing' text
  property on the affected lines, or even set the variable
  `line-spacing' to nil for the entire buffer.

- This won't help users trying to make ASCII art, and the like.
  Maybe a menu entry for `line-spacing' could help with that.

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