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Re: [PATCH] `completing-read`: Add `group-function` support to completio

From: Daniel Mendler
Subject: Re: [PATCH] `completing-read`: Add `group-function` support to completion metadata (REVISED PATCH VERSION 4)
Date: Sun, 9 May 2021 20:50:04 +0200

On 5/9/21 7:59 PM, Juri Linkov wrote:
>>> I attached the current set of patches. The last patch
>>> "0005-group-function-Implement-generalized-action-argument.patch"
>>> implements the generalized action argument. The other patches (1-4) do
>>> not differ from the previously sent patches. I send them for completeness.
> > Thanks, I tested it with mule--ucs-names-group, and everything works well.

So what is the plan regarding the patch? Use the variant which has the
action argument (title, transform, sort) or use the variant with the
boolean transform argument, which does not allow sorting of the groups?

Stefan stated in his mail that letting the UI decide if the groups
should be sorted alphabetically is also a possibility. We can implement
this proposal by adding a `completions-sort` variable to minibuffer.el,
which is respected by the *Completions* buffer. If the variable is
non-nil, the groups are sorted alphabetically, otherwise the candidate
order determines the order of the groups.


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