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Re: save-excursion and multi-thread?

From: dick
Subject: Re: save-excursion and multi-thread?
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 21:41:31 -0400
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I've not chimed in because whether or not I did wouldn't alter the trajectory
of a young programmer's eventual realization that implementing concurrent
editing purely in lisp will result in something quite unusable.  Moreover, he
will discover (in a few years) that programming is essentially a solitary
pursuit that does not benefit commensurately to the complexity concurrent
editing adds.  One need only look at how tasks are divvied up at ACM
competitions to see that programming is really not a team sport.

But this remark struck me:

RS> [Having point behave like a special variable] does not necessarily require
RS> changing the way point is implemented at low level.

EZ was quite clear that point does not live in lisp-space, and thus cannot
leverage the BLV (buffer-local-value) machinery of data.c (which I might add
is broken under threads, bug#48990).  Having it behave in accordance with your
and SM's preference would incur a cost in collateral complexity that, I think,
is best avoided.

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