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Re: Moving kbd to subr.el

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: Moving kbd to subr.el
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 13:10:56 +0200
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Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com> writes:

> I've attached a quick proof-of-concept of moving the kbd implementation
> to subr.el.  With this, all the tests I have assembled so far pass and
> this bootstraps.  It was mostly just a case of ripping out the calls to
> cl-lib functions.

I haven't tried it, but it looks good to me.

> If this is something we want to do, I can finish this patch up.  To
> begin with, I'd want to look it all over for correctness and add more
> tests (ideas welcome).

Could perhaps add some tests to see that it lets "\C-c\C-c" etc through

> I guess it would also make sense to just change
> `read-kbd-macro' to call kbd, instead of the other way around.


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