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Re: bug#49265: [External] : bug#49265: 28.0.50; repeat mode feature requ

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: bug#49265: [External] : bug#49265: 28.0.50; repeat mode feature request
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021 22:02:51 +0200

>>>>> On Sun, 24 Oct 2021 22:12:55 +0300, Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> said:
    Juri> I fixed aliases for tab-bar.el some time ago, but was busy with fixing
    Juri> other problems in repeat.el, so sorry for not pushing the fixes 
    Juri> Now I'll push them together with the unfinished test suite for 
repeat.el  :-)

    >> diff --git a/lisp/repeat.el b/lisp/repeat.el
    >> index ac08952eaa..931615ed4c 100644
    >> --- a/lisp/repeat.el
    >> +++ b/lisp/repeat.el
    >> @@ -516,7 +516,12 @@ describe-repeat-maps
    >> (princ (format-message "`%s' keymap is repeatable by these commands:\n"
    >> (car keymap)))
    >> (dolist (command (sort (cdr keymap) 'string-lessp))
    >> -            (princ (format-message " `%s'\n" command)))
    >> +            (let* ((info (help-fns--analyze-function command))
    >> +                   (map (list (symbol-value (car keymap))))
    >> +                   (desc (key-description
    >> +                          (or (where-is-internal command map t)
    >> +                              (where-is-internal (nth 3 info) map t)))))
    >> +              (princ (format-message " `%s' (bound to '%s')\n" command 
    >> (princ "\n"))))))

    Juri> Thanks, I tried this out, and everything looks nice.
    Juri> I could push this in the next few days after trying to solve
    Juri> remaining problems:

Thereʼs no rush

    >> Note that this doesnʼt find the bindings for 'O' in
    >> other-window-repeat-map nor 'M' in tab-bar-move-repeat map, because
    >> the commands theyʼre bound to donʼt have the 'repeat-map' property,
    >> which we might want to fix.

    Juri> Maybe it would be sufficient just to say that a key is bound to a 

Iʼd rather have a real function name to refer to than a lambda, but
itʼs up to you, I guess.


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