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Re: Entering emojis

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Entering emojis
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 06:50:57 +0000

It should, again if you look at the PDF I linked earlier, you'll see many examples of up to four glyphs combined together, vertically and horizontally.

We don't know what software they used for layout, do we?

We do: the metadata of the PDF file indicate that this file has been produced by LibreOffice 5.4.

But why does it matter? The author of that font produced that PDF to demonstrate what the font does. He did not place the various elements of each hieroglyphs by hand. The PDF even demonstrates that with various (ligature) options it's possible to automatically change the vertical and horizontal placement of elements in a combined hieroglyph.

What does hb-view show for that text with those fonts? If it shows correct display, the problem is somewhere in Emacs.

See attached. The two vertical joiners are not rendered correctly, perhaps they are misplaced/misused in the input? But the rendering seems better than that of Emacs.

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