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Re: Against sqlite3!!!

From: Qiantan Hong
Subject: Re: Against sqlite3!!!
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2021 09:28:24 +0000

> I am not sure I understand what you mean. What is "fully value" of a Lisp
> value. You mean entire object?
Yes, and this is less than optimal. For example, there’re lots of variables
holding a list and added to/removed from frequently.
A straightforward implementation would need to print/read the whole list
every time.
A cleverer object store would be able to figure out which CONS changed exactly,
and store a single record like 
(rplacd *id-of-the-cons* `(*new-element* . ,(object *id-of-old-tail*)))

> I don't know what you are doing to start with; I haven't looked at your
> resist.el, but maybe you can cache keys that needs to be flushed to disk in 
> some
> 'dirty state (a list of kyes) and flush just those keys to a file in idle 
> timer.
That’s not really relevant. resist!.el persist every kv-put operation 
without the need of any explicit save operation.
It might be a good idea to run compact-kv-store to save disk space in idle 
timer, though.

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