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RE: [External] : Re: Default custom file was: Re: Propose to add setup-w

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Re: Default custom file was: Re: Propose to add setup-wizard.el to ELPA
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2022 17:17:13 +0000

>DA>> My preference is for #3: we just bite the bullet
>DA>> and nudge users helpfully toward using a separate file.
>Pedro> +1
>PL>> It would work to make every one of these forms
>PL>> set a flag when they are loaded.
>Pedro> Doesn't that go a bit too far? Other proposals
>Pedro> don't depend on modifying custom-*
> If you want to detect whether the user has custom-set-variables or
> custom-set-faces in their init file, youʼre going to have to modify
> their code. The issue is whether weʼd need to do it for *all* of these
> function. Personally I think that would be excessive.

I agree.  (And such a flag being set is no
guarantee that the new state whose change it
intends to record remains in effect.)

And none of that is necessary.  The aim should
just be to make more users aware of `custom-file'
and hopefully get more users to make use of it.
Especially new users.

And to give existing users who might have (very)
special needs or strong feelings of resistance
to using a separate file a simple (trivial) way
to continue using only their init file.

Both of those aims are easily realizable.  Just
default `custom-file' to some agreed on location,
and let the few users who want to remain with
just their init file set `custom-file' to it.

All the rest is sound & fury, signifying nothing.

Emacs should just use `custom-file' by default.

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