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Re: Time to merge scratch/correct-warning-pos into master, perhaps?

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Time to merge scratch/correct-warning-pos into master, perhaps?
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 21:27:25 +0000

I've just tried timing $ make -j17 check on an up to date master, and a master two - four weeks old, both configured the same, with native compilation. Much of the run time was taken by native compilation.

The two times were 42.966s and 48.547s. That's a difference of just under 13%. Not a systematic comparison, since make check may have got bigger in the last few weeks.

Which is consistent with the results I reported: about 40% of the time of make check is used for byte-compilation, which is slowed down by ~17.5%, and the rest is execution, which is slowed down by ~11%.

I don't think Gregory has ever been specific about what precisely he has timed, and how.

Of course I have. I timed make check, which everyone can do, and which you just did.

There is no "all" in the 10% slow down. That is a measure of the slowdown of $ make check, nothing else.

It's the time to execute ~110K lines of Elisp, exercising various parts of Emacs. It's IMO a much more significant number than an ad-hoc micro-benchmark. It's perhaps not the only one to take into account, but it cannot be ignored either.

But nobody else cared enough about the boostrap time to bother putting in the use of the byte-compiled compiler in early bootstrap until I did a week or so ago.

You may have seen that this optimization has no effect without --with-native-compilation. This may explain that.

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