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Re: GNU Emacs: A multimedia editor

From: Tomas Hlavaty
Subject: Re: GNU Emacs: A multimedia editor
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2022 22:05:44 +0100

On Fri 28 Jan 2022 at 10:19, Anand Tamariya <atamariya@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ever wondered - what if multimedia editing were as simple as text
> manipulation? Simple cut, copy and paste operations. Thanks to VLC and
> FFMPEG, now you can use GNU Emacs for simple multimedia editing tasks.


What does "simple multimedia editing tasks" mean exactly?

I have been using melt https://mltframework.org/ (with wrapper smelt) to
edit videos using plain text.  Once I figure out how to do something
(sometimes a challenge), editing is much more convenient than using
point and click interface.

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