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Re: GNU Emacs: A multimedia editor

From: Anand Tamariya
Subject: Re: GNU Emacs: A multimedia editor
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 11:14:39 +0530

What does "simple multimedia editing tasks" mean exactly?

These are really simple tasks which are not bothersome for one-off use in GUI interface (eg. in openshot video editor). However, since I was doing it more often, it was getting increasingly infuriating.
- Trim segments from start and end
Most common use-case since I was screen recording using ffmpeg.

- Seek previous/next
I'm used to arrow keys for forward/backward movement.

- Create segments
Press RET in viewer mode or RET/SPC in track mode to create a segment.

- Bookmark
When you have more than two segments, it's useful to bookmark segments for easier recall of their purpose or sequence.

- Delete segment
- Remove void
When you delete a segment, a void is created. You need to move all subsequent segments to cover up the void. In my implementation, segments follow each other ignoring whitespaces. So no readjustment is required.

- Re-order segments
- Export to appropriate format
With ffmpeg, I only need to choose appropriate file extension and it picks up sensible defaults. No information overload with a myriad of options.

- Merge segments from multiple files

I have been using melt https://mltframework.org/ (with wrapper smelt) to
edit videos using plain text.  Once I figure out how to do something
(sometimes a challenge), editing is much more convenient than using
point and click interface.

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