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Re: sqlite3

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: sqlite3
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2022 15:21:26 +0300
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* Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> [2021-12-08 07:36]:
> Whatever we do, we need to have a simple and convenient user interface
> for the user to browse all these records and edit them.  If this works
> conveniently enough, maybe it could replace the Customize buffer.

That is feasible to make. It could replace all of the customize. But
one does need SQL database for that, not just key/value database such
as GDBM. But I vouch to have GDBM and other DBM-like databases equally
accessible straight from Emacs and Emacs Lisp.

I am editing entries in the PostgreSQL database by using Emacs module
to access PostgreSQL, by using tabulated-list-mode, and here is the
text of one such entry.

                             ID   319284
                   Date created   "2020-04-03 14:47:16.320089+03"
                  Date modified   "2021-07-03 00:48:07.059307+03"
                         Prefix   "Dr."
                     First name   "Richard"
                   Middle names   "Matthew"
                      Last name   "Stallman"
                         Suffix   nil
                        Account   "GNU.org"
                        Company   nil
                      Member of   nil
                    Lead source   "Web site"
                          Title   nil
                     Department   nil
                      Birthdate   nil
                     Reports to   nil
                    Do not call   nil
             Invalid e-mail (1)   nil
             Invalid e-mail (2)   nil
             Invalid e-mail (3)   nil
                   Office phone   nil
                   Mobile phone   nil
                     Home phone   nil
                    Other phone   nil
                            Fax   nil
                     E-mail (1)   "rms@example.org"
                     E-mail (2)   nil
                     E-mail (3)   nil
                        Website   nil
                  Other website   nil
                  Other contact   nil
                 Contact type 1   nil
                Other contact 2   nil
                 Contact type 2   nil
                Other contact 3   nil
                 Contact type 3   nil
                Primary address   nil
                   Primary city   nil
            Primary postal code   nil
                  Primary state   nil
                Primary country   "UNITED STATES"
                  Other address   nil
                     Other city   nil
              Other postal code   nil
                    Other state   nil
                  Other country   nil
                    Description   nil
           Modified by username   "wod"
            Created by username   "wod"
                  Introduced by   "Jean Louis"
                Obsolete emails   nil
         Obsolete phone numbers   nil
                    Other names   nil
                         Tokens   "'gnu.org':5 'matthew':2 'richard':1 
'rms@example.org':4 'stallman':3 'state':7 'unit':6"


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