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Re: How to search on emacs-devel?

From: andrés ramírez
Subject: Re: How to search on emacs-devel?
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2022 15:57:55 +0000

Hi. Dalanicolai.

>>>>> "dalanicolai" == dalanicolai  <dalanicolai@gmail.com> writes:


    dalanicolai> Effectively, I am usually unable to find relevant threads 
using the search
    dalanicolai> functionality

As far as I could say. The namazu server is not working properly. The
indexation is not up to date. Last time I Checked (last year). It was
nearly behind 3 months.

So. I think You could search something from the last year with more
success ratio. But YMMV.


Best Regards

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