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Re: How to search on emacs-devel?

From: Felix Dietrich
Subject: Re: How to search on emacs-devel?
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2022 17:46:45 +0100
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Felix Dietrich <felix.dietrich@sperrhaken.name> writes:

> Robert Pluim <rpluim@gmail.com> writes:
>> Would it be harder than downloading the emacs-devel archives locally
>> and then just G-f'ing them? Works offline too :-)
> For the GCC mailing lists they seem to offer rsync access to the
> archives [1].  Does this exist for the Emacs mailing lists?

Pondering about this a little more, it is probably enough to use a
download tool that allows continuation of downloads.  With the mbox
format mails are simply added to the end of file.  Correct?  So a new
version of an archive can just be downloaded by continuing from a
previous downloaded archive.  With wget something like this, I guess

  wget --continue --recursive --level 1 --no-parent \
       --accept-regex '/[0-9]\{4\}-[0-9]\{2\}$' \

So, never mind my rsync question if this actually works.

Felix Dietrich

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