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Re: Ideal performance of ELisp

From: Andrea Corallo
Subject: Re: Ideal performance of ELisp
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 08:59:01 +0000
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Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

>>>> Could it be possible to embed C snippets into lisp functions directly?
>>>> Similar to assembler snippets in C.
>>> Andrea is better placed to answer that, but I think it would be fairly
>>> easy to allow insertion of "C-like" snippets when the code gets compiled
>>> with the native compiler.
>>> Of course, we'd probably want to make it work even when the code is
>>> interpreted (or only compiled to bytecode).
>>> It would probably offer very handy improvements to the module API.
>> I think the main issue is that libgccjit does not compile C but
>> libgccir.  I can't think of a nice way to blend the two things as of
>> now.
> I was thinking of a C-like DSL (probably with a Lisp-style syntax).
> Designed to be easy to translate to libgccir as well as not too hard
> to interpret when libgccjit is not available.

Yep that's an option, I thought about that as well, not sure how much
practical it is tho.  One of the downside is that we could not consume
nor provide any of the existing C header files.


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