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Re: [NonGNU ELPA] New package: sweep

From: Eshel Yaron
Subject: Re: [NonGNU ELPA] New package: sweep
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 18:19:31 +0300
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>> I would like to submit a new package to NonGNU ELPA, called "sweep":
> According to `git log` you're basically the sole author of this package
> (beside a few contributions from James Cash which are small enough not
> to be a problem).  Would you be willing to sign the copyright paperwork
> that would allow us to add the package to GNU ELPA instead?
> That would be even better.

Thanks for looking into it.  Its true that I've authored most of this
package up to this point, but this project is still in its early days
and I hope that going forward it will receive contributions from the
(SWI-)Prolog community (including more help from James :) as you noted).

For that reason I would prefer to target NonGNU ELPA, at least for the
time being.  


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