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Re: proposal: vc-print-log and vc-print-root-log include phases for hg

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: proposal: vc-print-log and vc-print-root-log include phases for hg
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2022 20:42:45 +0200
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>>> "DG" == Dmitry Gutov <dgutov@yandex.ru> writes:

> On 27.10.2022 20:35, Uwe Brauer wrote:
>> From the command line it would be
>> hg log -G --template "phases"

> Ah okay, if the --template option is required, it seems like you will
> need to change the vars vc-hg-log-format and/or vc-hg-root-log-format.

> You can try that out locally, and maybe propose a patch.

Ok the change/«patch» for vc-hg-log-format is straightforward and works as 

However right now I obtain a (python) error when running vc-print-root-log
that seems totally unrelated to emacs. So I need to solve this before trying 
out to modify vc-hg-root-log-format.

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