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Adding the `prescient` packages to NonGNU ELPA?

From: Okamsn
Subject: Adding the `prescient` packages to NonGNU ELPA?
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 03:27:33 +0000


Would you be willing to add Prescient[1] and some of its related
packages to NonGNU ELPA, as in the attached file? I am one of the
maintainers of this package. The author of the package does not wish to
assign copyright or require others to do so, so it cannot be added to

Prescient is for sorting and filtering completion candidates. Its
filtering is similar to the package Orderless and it sorts by a
combination of the frequency and the recency of the candidates.

These are the packages I am wondering if you would be willing to add:

- `prescient`: The base package, which provides the sorting and
    filtering functions and a completion style

- `company-prescient`: Use `prescient` sorting with Company

- `corfu-prescient`: Use `prescient` sorting and filtering with Corfu

- `vertico-prescient`: Use `prescient` sorting and filtering with Vertico

All of these packages live in the same repository in the link below.

When I tried testing the installation of `prescient`, it installed
an older version of the file `prescient.el` than what is current in the
repository. This was the version that received an update to the version
number, but how does the system decide which is the most recent stable
version of a file? I might need to increase the number to make it
install a newer version.

Thank you.

[1]: https://github.com/radian-software/prescient.el

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