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Re: A feature to go to last edit locations

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: A feature to go to last edit locations
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2023 20:07:33 +0200
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On 12/02/2023 19:41, Daniel Martín wrote:
What do you think?  Third-party packages like goto-last-change.el [2] or
session.el [3] (see session-jump-to-last-change) implement this feature
in a per-buffer basis, but I wonder if we could do better and implement
something that works across buffers.

I agree this kind of feature should work across buffers (and that's my main criticism of the global/local marks feature already).

I do wonder though if a separate new stack (with a set of assigned key bindings) is a good UI. Maybe we'd integrate it into xref navigation command stacks?

OTOH, some users might not want that exactly. So it could be customizable.

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