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RE: [External] : Re: A feature to go to last edit locations

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Re: A feature to go to last edit locations
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2023 05:21:24 +0000

> > (Single key to set, single key to jump to.)
> Which single key?  I have to use complex key
> combinations, or maybe function keys.

Setting an autonamed bookmark:

Command, `bmkp-toggle-autonamed-bookmark-set/delete'
sets or deletes an autonamed bookmark.  It does this:

  If there is an autonamed bookmark at point, delete it, else create one.
  The bookmark created has no region.  Its name is formatted according
  to option `bmkp-autoname-bookmark-function'.

  With a prefix arg, delete *ALL* autonamed bookmarks for this buffer.

Bind it to any key you like.  By default it's `RET' on
the `bookmark-map', which by default is on prefix key
`C-x x' -- so `C-x x RET'.

By default it's also `RET' on `bmkp-set-map', which by
default is on prefix key `C-x x c' (all commands that
set bookmarks are on this keymap).

Jumping to an autonamed bookmark:

Command `bmkp-autonamed-jump' jumps to an autonamed
bookmark.  By default it's `#' on `bmkp-jump-map',
which by default is on prefix key `C-x j'.

There's also `bmkp-this-buffer-jump' which jumps to
an autonamed bookmark in the current buffer.  By
default it's `C-x j , #'.

The jump commands prompt for an autonamed bookmark,
so they're not single-key in the same way that the
set/delete command is.  You generally don't want to
bind a key to just jump to a single bookmark (but
you can, of course).  Instead, you want to have a
key that jumps only to a bookmark of a given type
(in addition to a key that jumps to a bookmark of
any type).


FYI, this is the automatic bookmarking doc string:

bmkp-automatic-bookmark-mode is an interactive Lisp function in

It is bound to menu-bar file bookmark options

(bmkp-automatic-bookmark-mode &optional ARG)

Toggle automatic setting of a bookmark when Emacs is idle.
Non-interactively, turn automatic bookmarking on for the current
buffer if and only if ARG is positive.

To enable or disable automatic bookmarking in all buffers, use

When the mode is enabled in the current buffer, a bookmark is
automatically set every `bmkp-automatic-bookmark-mode-delay' seconds,
using the setting function that is the value of option
`bmkp-automatic-bookmark-set-function'.  Note that a buffer must be
current (selected) for an automatic bookmark to be created there - it
is not enough that the mode be enabled in the buffer.

Turning the mode on and off runs hooks
`bmkp-automatic-bookmark-mode-on-hook' and
`bmkp-automatic-bookmark-mode-off-hook', respectively.

If you want the automatic bookmarks to be temporary (not saved to your
bookmark file), then customize option
`bmkp-autotemp-bookmark-predicates' so that it includes the kind of
bookmarks that are set by `bmkp-automatic-bookmark-set-function'.
For example, if automatic bookmarking sets autonamed bookmarks, then
`bmkp-autotemp-bookmark-predicates' should include
`bmkp-autonamed-bookmark-p' or

If you want the automatically created bookmarks to be highlighted,
then customize option `bmkp-auto-light-when-set' to highlight
bookmarks of the appropriate kind.  For example, to highlight
autonamed bookmarks set it to `autonamed-bookmark'.

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