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Re: jinx

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: jinx
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2023 18:37:47 +0000

Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com> writes:

> Gregory Heytings <gregory@heytings.org> writes:
>> I think that's no longer true, LanguageTool is available (and has been for 
>> ~20 years): https://github.com/languagetool-org/languagetool .  But it's 
>> written in Java...
> There is also Vale [1], a program written in Go and released under the
> MIT license.  It now even supports the Org mode format (along with
> Markdown, AsciiDoc, reStructuredText, HTML, and XML).
> [1] https://github.com/errata-ai/vale

This seems to be on a different level than what LanguageTool does.  Vale
and other alternatives are style-checkers that catch mistakes matching
some fixed rules, without any "understanding" (linguistic model) of the
underlying language.  IIUC it could be compared to font-locking using
regular expressions or a library like Tree Sitter.

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