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[elpa] branch externals/cpio-mode created (now 90f1236)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/cpio-mode created (now 90f1236)
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 15:25:09 -0500 (EST)

monnier pushed a change to branch externals/cpio-mode.

        at  90f1236   New version with copyright assigned to the FSF.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  7626f39   Create README.md
       new  e048c6f   Create configure.ac
       new  8cfe789   Create COPYING
       new  c0d77ed   Create cpio-affiliated-buffers.el
       new  8ef4a0e   Create cpio-bin.el
       new  4d11b71   Create cpio-crc.el
       new  eb7e950   Create cpio-dired.el
       new  ec9c085   Create cpio.el
       new  25d2230   Create cpio-entry-contents-mode.el
       new  339dee9   Create cpio-entry-header.el
       new  6ef0296   Create cpio-generic.el
       new  4b18220   Create cpio-generic-tests.el
       new  adc2862   Create cpio-hpbin.el
       new  2463890   Create cpio-hpodc.el
       new  0af3b11   Create cpio-modes.el
       new  e77f48e   Create cpio-modes-test.el
       new  c938972   Create cpio-newc.el
       new  92481ae   Create cpio-newc-test.el
       new  125c509   Create cpio-odc.el
       new  8011050   Create cpio-tar.el
       new  70755a2   Create cpio-tests.el
       new  12877b1   Create cpio-ustar.el
       new  e36cab4   Create cpio-wanted.el
       new  0ce72c3   Create DESIGN
       new  6f0676b   Create install-sh
       new  ce91145   Create Makefilein
       new  bf69494   Create NEWS
       new  f80714d   Create QUESTIONS
       new  2bcd643   Create stamp-h.in
       new  590e82a   Create THANKS
       new  498802f   Delete Makefilein
       new  f292a2e   Create Makefile.in
       new  bcf19a6   Corrected version number.
       new  2a01909   Add files via upload
       new  b9cee9d   Add files via upload
       new  c2362a5   Version 0.03.
       new  0fe3abc   Removed commented out stub debuggers.
       new  6c0fa51   version 0.04
       new  759b6d7   Version 0.05
       new  9299db5   Build archives of all formats.
       new  889e8fe   Version 0.06
       new  8047799   Version 0.07 -- fontification
       new  12a3c73   Fixes to (cdmt-*reset).
       new  f4a1a89   Version 0.08
       new  97eb77c   Version 0.08
       new  86b255b   Version 0.09 -- a little polish
       new  5a87960   Version 0.10
       new  ae8a6fc   Version 0.11β
       new  0976f38   Version 0.12β
       new  ae56d68   Version 0.12β
       new  4cc60b1   Version: 0.13β
       new  0c4985a   Makefile to be replaced by Makefile.in
       new  d15c60c   Deleted obsolete file.
       new  38693e2   Deleted obsolete file.
       new  4dbed5e   Empty initial file.
       new  50d0df9   Initial code derived from the previous Makefile.
       new  e37b7ed   Version: 0.13β
       new  12e550e   Version 0.14β
       new  38a59a6   Renamed from cpio.el.
       new  f2bad29   Moved to cpio-mode.el.
       new  90f1236   New version with copyright assigned to the FSF.

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