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[elpa] branch externals/realgud created (now 7c0acdc)

From: Rocky Bernstein
Subject: [elpa] branch externals/realgud created (now 7c0acdc)
Date: Sat, 25 May 2019 19:34:56 -0400 (EDT)

rocky pushed a change to branch externals/realgud.

        at  7c0acdc   Another pass over function declarations

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  d026e8b   Start macro for delayed-
       new  3d0fcb8   Match nested prompts in python trepan debuggers
       new  f884fe7   Simplify and perhaps generalize
       new  dcb87ed   Merge pull request #177 from realgud/fringe-arrow
       new  b3719fa   Add autoloads for defalias debugger invocations
       new  ad333ac   realgud-bp-line-{en/di}sabled-face change...
       new  7c0d2c4   fixed unload; added ert-based tests for realgud
       new  83d471f   return the set of features removed, in 
       new  8beb4f5   Merge pull request #182 from roymath/master
       new  3f1b98f   (realgud:load-features) now features loaded
       new  da2f39d   Improve Debugger Info org-mode buffer
       new  ecc78f1   Fix up breakpoint display
       new  eeb4c2f   Bug in last commit.
       new  211c01a   Fix misfeatures in install-from-git.sh...
       new  0647be7   Spelling typos
       new  839954a   Add more default commands modelled from gdb
       new  f41b7a7   When a breakpoint is seen, add source...
       new  081f7ed   Expand script path where appropriate
       new  4a7f6ef   Fix infinite loop in realgud:backtrace-init
       new  2fad0c4   Add test case for an error when realgud:backtrace-init is 
hanging at startup
       new  1f59502   Merge pull request #192 from dvzubarev/master
       new  50dc7db   Info ...
       new  59b2563   Add gdb "delete" template
       new  2295d94   making eval print to the message area
       new  ce45b16   making join string not emacs 25 only
       new  2327213   adding tests for print to message area
       new  57eed60   making eval output truncate and saving all the current 
command hash instead of just eval for future usage
       new  1180d9f   add eval at point and bind it to E in shortkey mode
       new  df03ba5   Merge pull request #195 from jodonnell/eval-at-point
       new  d00539e   Merge branch 'print' of 
https://github.com/jodonnell/realgud into print
       new  dc0e131   Guard against nil (realgud:get-command-name "eval")
       new  c7594f0   wrong 'let' syntax - caught thanks to the jodonnell's 
       new  90fe351   More Emacs-gaurded handling of realgud:join-string
       new  bfabb0e   I am really bad with Elisp syntax
       new  6986293   I am also bad at match relations
       new  811e7b9   < -> <=. See comment before
       new  37ba671   Comment better a track test
       new  aa933eb   Merge pull request #194 from jodonnell/print
       new  c64a4fd   Merge branch 'print'
       new  53b0c1a   Be Explicit about eval command ...
       new  8480545   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  4babac3   Track changes in elpa:
       new  f20f1e3   change E to put the thing at point in the eval buffer
       new  e47abfb   Merge pull request #197 from jodonnell/eval-command
       new  3804711   Get ready for 1.4.4 release. Admnistrivia
       new  d9a3a92   Administrivia
       new  7cc1230   extract method for breakpoint stuff in 
       new  7242eea   whitespace
       new  348f73a   Merge pull request #198 from jodonnell/refactor
       new  aa13be4   Some test lint'ing
       new  4692821   fixed an error
       new  61fbadb   Merge pull request #199 from jodonnell/whoops
       new  210bd76   moving breakpoint functions to more central locations
       new  b86a9df   refactor breakpoints further
       new  3a2e300   Merge pull request #200 from jodonnell/move-bps
       new  5d52fbf   fix spelling error
       new  3ccd602   Merge pull request #201 from jodonnell/spelling
       new  ba91d87   Add realgud-populate-common-fn-keys-none to not set 
function keys...
       new  937bea0   Add realgud-populate-common-fn-keys-none to not set 
function keys...
       new  c593d0c   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  2b3ffb5   Add realgud:bashdb-large to handle large bash files
       new  5e07d91   Use boxed attributes in breakpoint enable/disable faces
       new  2eb9519   small changes
       new  a5853d5   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  28fa560   Make fringe arrows a little more colorful
       new  f819efd   Add pprint to command hash
       new  3372328   Add "until" to correct command hash
       new  2c8caa5   Merge pull request #208 from dangirsh/patch-1
       new  cf7faca   Merge pull request #209 from dangirsh/patch-2
       new  251eb8c   Small changes
       new  8258521   Small typo
       new  4c66076   Start nodejs -> node debug rename...
       new  6706358   Add format specifier %q a la ksh...
       new  3904510   Large change to allow blacklisted files
       new  dc349f8   Make calls consistent in light of changes
       new  09431a4   Commit stable version before a minor upheaval
       new  388a650   Sync with savanah ELPA
       new  0c3592b   Merge branch 'master' into filter-lists
       new  0a3befb   File remap is session specific...
       new  6d521e9   Customize compilation-find-file...
       new  ad64b70   Correct testing for API change...
       new  d24996a   Administrivia Add seq to el-get...
       new  1a69faf   CircleCI 2nd try
       new  555282f   TravisCI 3rd try
       new  aa76fb0   Tidy a bit
       new  2bf62ee   Better Emacs compatibility
       new  9f9c772   Remove debug message
       new  096bd87   Merge pull request #212 from realgud/filter-lists
       new  f851166   Bug in kshdb initialization
       new  d25fd0e   Remove pdb alias
       new  b78f3b9   Merge pull request #214 from xuchunyang/master
       new  b4ff2c3   Check major mode with derived-mode-p
       new  f966711   Merge pull request #217 from muffinmad/patch-1
       new  0ea8a13   Track breakpoing deletion
       new  4bcbb89   Last commit introduced a couple of bugs
       new  bb967ed   Add tbreak as per break
       new  542e51c   Merge pull request #220 from MaskRay/tbreak
       new  cbcacd8   gdb: parse -ex --eval-command
       new  51979d2   Merge pull request #221 from MaskRay/ex
       new  4548392   Add alternate breakpoint match regexp...
       new  da2a74b   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  446c26b   Adds ource-path to cmdbuf...
       new  ba85207   Add realgud:js-file-line-loc-pat
       new  0b5ebbf   Merge pull request #223 from realgud/better-bp-track
       new  bab9fb9   DRY a js regexp by hoisting it to lang/js.el
       new  296a802   Hoist syntax-checking kbd command
       new  a293690   configure.ac: Fix NO_CHECK_EMACS_PACKAGES elisp.
       new  36782d6   Merge pull request #226 from Apteryks/master
       new  b8b587b   ipdb need ANSI schmutz removed...
       new  dd8909a   add key 'h' for cmd-until-here: continue until the 
current line
       new  2ae8fbf   Merge pull request #230 from cranechu/master
       new  565ac78   Adjust for v8 tracebacks inside a debugger console
       new  1da5f2b   Merge branch 'master' of github.com:realgud/realgud
       new  cf993af   change pdb to python -m pdb.
       new  5631fa2   Fix wiki links in README
       new  21e5a58   Merge pull request #242 from alyssais/patch-1
       new  814aebb   Make sure to autoload attach functions
       new  f4c4ccd   Fix improper breakpoint file-callback function parameters
       new  4d9c31b   Improve realgud:attach-cmd-buffer...
       new  fa2d601   cl-seq -> cl-lib
       new  3630fef   keep history in attaching command-buffers ...
       new  131ad58   Disable breakpoint file finding callback function for noww
       new  1cfadb2   Lots of small changes...
       new  79c982d   Add a comment
       new  8028bfb   Add a breakpoint buffer analogous to backtrace
       new  57a8fc1   Merge pull request #244 from realgud/add-brpt-buffer
       new  4cb19e3   Remove some emacs compile warnings
       new  807c066   Initialize more debuggers with breakpoint buffer 
       new  a6783f5   Add breakpoint buffer tracking to source window
       new  06d73e1   remake and gdb breakpoint buffers + add to menu
       new  c5d52ff   Add breakpoint-all regexps for most debuggers
       new  9a9f6dc   Add 'B' key to get list of breakpoints
       new  d79a090   Handle location not found in bp-list for breakpoint buffer
       new  2a46513   Some small tweaks
       new  d8afc89   Merge pull request #241 from beyondpie/pdb_pr_szu
       new  2987c80   Compile linting
       new  0821db0   Get ready for release 1.4.6
       new  917a46f   Add realgud:file-remove-ignore to remove a previously 
ignored entry.
       new  1ccd8cd   buffer info org-mode tweaks
       new  7c0acdc   Another pass over function declarations

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