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Re: track-exclude some nick

From: Danilo Alves
Subject: Re: track-exclude some nick
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2021 14:51:17 -0300

On 01/10/2021 09:21, J.P. wrote:
> Among the more obvious approaches is the attached (untried) example.

Hi J.P.,

Thanks for the answer and proposed patch, but unfortunately I couldn't
make it work.

First I would like to point out that I'm not some experienced Emacs
user, so I'll describe what I did to apply and try the patch on Debian
stable, hoping that I didn't messed up.

I created a `lisp/erc' directory in my `~/.emacs.d' and copied the
contents of `/usr/share/emacs/27.1/lisp/erc/' there.

Gunzipped `erc-track.el.gz' and applied the patch.

Added the following to my `init.el':

   (setq erc-track-exclude-nicks '("some-bot"))

Started emacs with:

emacs -L ~/.emacs.d/lisp/erc/

But "some-bot" was still triggering notifications.

> The traditional approach for achieving session-specific granularity
> seems to be the usual "find hook (or hack) to set buffer-local value,"
> which implies reading source code. But this approach may not prove
> particularly conducive to rejuvenating the Emacs userbase, to whatever
> extent ERC's role as a conduit in that game is anything other than
> lofty thinking.

Can't say much about ERC's role in rejuvenating the Emacs userbase, but
I feel that getting involved with ERC to a point of submitting a patch
is more easy. I don't have much practice reading source code, but I'm
willing to improve that.

> So yeah, looking ahead, would it not make sense to seek out some
> standard means of telling ERC about the context in which some option
> should apply? Perhaps this is best solved with a mini expression
> language, like the one Corwin's been championing. Or maybe something
> dumber is worth considering as well...

I'm curious, what mini expression language?

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