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Re: New ERC comaintainer: F. Jason Park (neverwas)

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: New ERC comaintainer: F. Jason Park (neverwas)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 20:42:02 -0800
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Here's to a new low for Emacs and our beloved ERC!

(Erm, let me try that again: here's to a fun and freedom-respecting new
year for ERC!)

Wow, deep breath, ahem. Hi people!

Let me just say that I very much appreciate the warm well-wishes and
undeserved plaudits from bandali. For those who might be apprehensive
about an up-jumped outsider with questionable bona fides suddenly being
empowered to wreak havoc on your happy place, I don't blame you. But if
there's a silver lining here, it's that hitting rock bottom full
throttle with a basic berserker like me at the helm might not be the
worst thing ever. Because it might just be that the only way up and out
was always gonna be down and through. (Or maybe that's just a load of
hand-wavy horse pucky, and we're all gonna die!)

Anyhoo, as will hopefully become clear in the coming months, the overall
journey I'm proposing will involve some uncomfortable road bumps at the
outset that place the longevity of this client above our own happiness.
But from the ashes of this initial sacrifice, I hope to conjure a more
gung ho (but clear eyed) vision that aims to see ERC restored to its
former glory as a storied conduit for funneling amazing peeps into the
Emacs fold. IOW, after only a brief spell of feature austerity, while we
pay down some ancient debt, it'll be off to the races: off to court new
users and a new generation of contributor whose talent and quality
should propel us past this painful era of leaning on the feckless me's
of the world and into a new golden age. (So said every tyrant in

Thanks and happy hunting,

P.S. All glory to bandali, without whom nothing is possible.

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