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Re: bug#51753: ERC switches to channel buffer on reconnect

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#51753: ERC switches to channel buffer on reconnect
Date: Sun, 22 May 2022 18:56:07 -0700
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Hi Pankaj,

Pankaj Jangid <pankaj@codeisgreat.org> writes:

> 5. While it is connecting to the server, switch to the other frame to
>    work on other stuff
> Result: After the ERC connects to the server, it opens the autojoin
> channels in the current frame. Ideally, it should open the channels in
> the (dedicated) original frame where ERC was launched.

Are you saying ERC ought to remember the frame in which an entry-point
command, like `erc-tls', was originally invoked? Or might it be enough
to make a best effort attempt at finding such a "dedicated" frame?

If it's door #2, what if we used the first frame found containing a
buffer belonging to the same connection (and if no such frame exists,
just leave it up to the display-buffer gods)? This way, we could rely
more fully on window.el facilities and avoid having to wrangle yet more
state. Or, if really necessary, we could maybe fall back on a strategy
that uses `window-prev-buffers' (or whatever) to find the most recently
used frame for that connection (overkill, IMO). Either way, any solution
would need to address not just autojoined channels but also
server-initiated JOINs, PMs, etc.

The attached patch claims to do something like I've described. If you're
able to try it, please set these options beforehand:

  (setq erc-join-buffer 'frame
        erc-auto-query 'frame
        erc-query-display 'frame
        erc-reuse-frames 'displayed)

If you're unable to try it, please let me know, and I can maybe add it
temporarily to one of ERC's installable bug packages.


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