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Re: bug#51753: ERC switches to channel buffer on reconnect

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#51753: ERC switches to channel buffer on reconnect
Date: Mon, 23 May 2022 00:48:57 -0700
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Pankaj Jangid <pankaj@codeisgreat.org> writes:

> "J.P." <jp@neverwas.me> writes:
>> Are you saying ERC ought to remember the frame in which an entry-point
>> command, like `erc-tls', was originally invoked? Or might it be enough
>> to make a best effort attempt at finding such a "dedicated" frame?
> I have tried the #2 as specified below. I kind of agree that #1 will
> result in the desired behaviour.

Thanks for trying out that patch. Basically, I bungled a few things that
prevented it from faithfully representing #2, even though I claimed
otherwise (sorry). IOW, I'm saying the approach may be salvageable and
only the implementation flawed.

> I tried this and here is what is happening.
> I launched emacs then I launched another frame and M-x erc-tls and come
> back to the 1st frame for other work. "erc-tls" running fine in the
> other frame but when it starts to join autojoin channels after
> connecting, it creates one more frame for each channel instead of
> reusing the 2nd frame.

Right, it seems I blindly fixated on the segregation aspect of your
description (again, apologies) and glossed over the obvious fact that
you don't want ERC creating frames, period. I've adapted the existing
patch with this in mind in hopes you're willing to try again.

One thing to be aware of is that even if we pivot to #1, the
connection-detection and buffer-association stuff will still be
unreliable in many cases. However, that should change after bug#48598
lands. That said, if you still feel strongly about #1, then please say
so (others following along as well). And likewise if you have
suggestions on the implementation or would like to try taking the wheel.

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