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[emacs-humanities] support/training for new contributors (Re: Extending

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: [emacs-humanities] support/training for new contributors (Re: Extending Emacs Bookmarks)
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 10:36:21 +0000

Karl Fogel writes:

> Now, I'd be happy to do the implementation.  However, if you have 
> been wanting to write Elisp, then I'm also happy to serve as 
> reviewer for a change that you make!  (Or as guide and reviewer, 
> depending on your level of skill/experience.)  It would be normal 
> for there to be several iterations of such a patch, and I'm fine 
> to work with you until we're satisfied.  Once the change is ready, 
> I'll commit it, but (assuming we do the 'git-format-patch' dance 
> right) you would be the author.

One of the things I love about the Emacs community is this generous
spirit!  As I remarked before
... such interactions were influential not just in my learning about
programming, but also my learning and thinking about peer learning.

The upshot is: I wonder if it would be good to create another mailing
list (or some other venue) for discussions between new contributors and

> (There might be a one-time step in which you need to submit some 
> paperwork to the Free Software Foundation, for copyright 
> assignment, but that would only be true for this first substantive 
> commit -- thereafter, you would be on file.)

Despite what I said above, and having been using Emacs for quite a long
time now, I’m *not sure* if I ever managed to get my signatures sent
over, or, if so, any code into Emacs!  So, I’d be interested in a "new
contributors" discussion both as a mentor and as a new contributor...

Dr Joseph A. Corneli (https://github.com/holtzermann17)

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