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Re: [emacs-humanities] support/training for new contributors (Re: Extend

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: [emacs-humanities] support/training for new contributors (Re: Extending Emacs Bookmarks)
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2021 11:06:34 +0000

Karl Fogel writes:

> Actually, I think it's better to have those discussions on the 
> existing forums.  The onboarding of new participants is a 
> community activity, best done in the usual community forums as a 
> normal part of the project's activities, IMHO, and not separated 
> off into a special area separate from everything else.

I thought that was one likely response!  Of course, I agree, insofar as
my discussions on gnu-emacs-sources and emacs-devel are what I was
referring, and it’s *exactly* the fact that that the discussions in
those forums are so open to new people learning as they go that I found
so remarkable.

However, the choice needn’t be OR but could be AND.  Consider the recent
introduction of emacs-humanities as an example in which some discussions
benefit from a ‘separate’ space.  As long as relevant persons cross over
between the various lists, then the discussions aren’t really so
separate after all.

But, considering the existing collection of lists, where’s the best
place (if any) to have the concrete discussion we were talking about?
Maybe here?  (‘Education’ is often classed as part of the humanities,
after all, and this is where the conversation about bookmarks came up.)
That would be quite fine with me: let’s see how it goes.

> Do you want to try the change that Oliver and I were discussing? 
> I was going to write it, but if you'd like to have a go, then my 
> offer to him can be transferred to you!

Like Oliver I have lots of reasons not to be the responsible person for
this right now — and furthermore unlike Oliver I don’t have any specific
interest in bookmarks!  However, I would be very interested to follow
and participate in a collective discussion that walks through the
solution from beginning to end, assuming someone else takes the lead.

And, if not this particular programming problem, something else.

So, if you’re willing Karl, maybe you could "live blog" the solution
here, step by step, and those interested can follow along?  Or, if that
seems like too much "noise" then the main walk-through could go
somewhere else, with pointers here.

I do have some other elisp hacking going on presently, and if we can
find a good pattern of sharing programming progress, I’d be happy to
present that work at a suitable time.

Dr Joseph A. Corneli (https://github.com/holtzermann17)

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