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[emacs-humanities] Images in org mode

From: Richard Teverson
Subject: [emacs-humanities] Images in org mode
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2022 19:25:33 -0400

Dear All,

I’m on the hunt for good ideas about how to write image-heavy academic papers 
in org mode, and then export them sensibly to Word, which is typically the 
required final format in my field.

I’m looking for three things:

1 How do people store images during the research and writing phase? I find:

in the document rather awkward to keep altogether during the chaos that is 
writing. Do people give them their own block, or file or subtree? Is there a 
genius package out there somewhere to link images + captions to a subtree?

2 Does anyone have an automatic way to number images, rather than having to 
change the numbers whenever a new image is added, and/or a way to move all the 
images at once to an appendix at the end? (Some journals like the images in the 
text, some at the end)

3 What’s the most robust export path / set up for images? I’ve found odt 
sometimes just gives up, and latex is usually pretty reliable (but the worst 
format for pandoc to put into word). Pandoc org—>word never does images for me.

Any advice gratefully received, and apologies for a wordy question.

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