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[emacs-humanities] visual filling?

From: M . ‘quintus’ Gülker
Subject: [emacs-humanities] visual filling?
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 22:19:38 +0200

Dear list,

in Emacs, we have a minor mode called “visual-line-mode”. This mode
wraps long lines at the window edge visually, but it does not cause
these purely visual newlines to be written to the file. That is, the
file on disk retains its long lines and it is only the visual display of
said file in Emacs which is altered.

Is there a similar functionality for justifying text? I write academic
articles that frequently contain longer paragraphs of text, and for such
paragraphs justification is a nice thing to have. I already use
“variable-pitch-mode” when editing org files (in combination with
“visual-line-mode” to fit more text in one window), so it would be ideal
if this could be combined.

I am aware that the “fill-paragraph” function (run by M-q) is available
and takes a “JUSTIFY” parameter that achieves the described justification
effect, but this function actually changes the file on disk. What I want
is to have the effect of “fill-paragraph” with “JUSTIFY” set as a purely
visual modification in the say way that “visual-line-mode” acts only
visual. “fill-paragraph” also does not play well with


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Passau, Deutschland  | kontakt@guelker.eu    | O<

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