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[Orgmode] org <-> Palm

From: Ramon Diaz-Uriarte
Subject: [Orgmode] org <-> Palm
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 22:39:22 +0100

Dear All,

I am wondering if anybody has found out how to export from org, and
get the stuff in a usable way into a Palm, and (ideally) edit it there
and bring it back to org later.

I saw in a fomer post

 "From: Carsten Dominik <dominik <at> science.uva.nl>
 Subject: Other software development for Org-mode
 Newsgroups: gmane.emacs.orgmode
 Date: 2006-03-14 10:39:25 GMT (33 weeks, 5 days and 49 minutes ago)


 Bonsai Outliner for Windows/PalmOS, export/import options for Org-mode
 files  Thomas Baumann has been working on these, but not finished the
 org-to-bonsai branch if I remember correctly because of problems
 with the data format  on the Palm."

But my googling didn't find anything else.

I actually have lowered my expectations to just (?) two things: a)
outlines; b) calendar/deadlines info.

a) For outlines, I used to use Shadow Plan (http://www.codejedi.com/)
on my Palm. Getting the outlines into org is a piece of cake (at least
under Linux); from the Shadow Desktop one exports as ASCII, and using
sed (or whatever) one replaces \t by *. So now all that info is an org
outline. I assume similar things can be done with other Palm
outliners. But:

a.1. How do I go back to the Palm?
a.1.1. Via Plucker; export from org as html, use plucker for html ->
pdb. That works, but that is not editable in the Palm

a.1.2. Convert the org file to a pdb using pyrite publisher
(http://www.pyrite.org/publisher/index.html). That is a regular file
that can be seen and edited inside the Palm, but one looses the
structure, and if one edits the file in the Palm, how will the new
stuff be incoporated in any reasonable way into org?

b) calendar/dates, etc. The options are somewhat like a). One can see
the info, but that stuff does not show up in the Palm calendar.

I am wondering if anybody has any suggestiongs/ideas or things to try.
My googling is not really finding much.


Ramon Diaz-Uriarte
Statistical Computing Team
Structural Biology and Biocomputing Programme
Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO)

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